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June 16, 2020 

// Detroit Politics Stories

6 Detroit activists share their visions for a more just city

Don't wait for change. Make it.

May 29, 2020 

// The Detroit News

Man shot dead, dozens arrested as protest in Detroit turns violent

Christine Ferretti, George Hunter and Sarah Rahal

Detroit — One man was killed and dozens arrested as peaceful daytime protests in the city gave way to violence Friday night. Demonstrators displayed anger over police brutality in America, clashing with city police who fought back with tear gas. Detroit police Chief James Craig confirmed shortly after midnight that a man was shot near a […]

May 25, 2020 

// Vanguard Court Watch Interns

Community Leaders Ask District Attorney Candidates Their Visions for Public Safety Beyond Mass Incarceration

Dominique Kato

On May 22, Working Families, a progressive grassroots political party working to build a multiracial movement of working people to transform America, hosted a webinar with community leaders, asking DA candidates from across the country their visions for public safety, and how they will be accountable to the communities if elected. Tiffany Caban, a political […]

March 25, 2020 


Governors, Mayors, and Sheriffs Must Reform Jail and Detention Practices During COVID-19

Leaders have a moral obligation to protect the millions of lives at risk FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Rafael Medina, [email protected], 202.869.0390 WASHINGTON – The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and over 150 other groups called upon the National Governors Association (NGA), U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM), and the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) to act immediately to help stem the […]

March 25, 2020 

// The Philadelphia DAO media center

District Attorney Krasner Calls on Philadelphia Courts to Take Action During Coronavirus Emergency

Philadelphia DAO

CONTACT: Jane Roh, District Attorney’s Office, 215–686–8711, [email protected] PHILADELPHIA (March 23, 2020) — District Attorney Larry Krasner on Monday called on the judiciary of the Commonwealth to act with greater urgency to safely reduce jail and prison populations to manageable levels in order to reduce crowding, promote social distancing, and prevent further outbreaks of the novel coronavirus in government […]

March 23, 2020 

// The Detroit News

Attorney: Free low-risk, vulnerable inmates to slow virus

Oralandar Brand-Williams

A Detroit attorney is pushing to have nonviolent and medically “vulnerable” Wayne County Jail inmates released from lockup while awaiting their trials and other court dates, citing possible risk of exposure to COVID-19. Read more

March 19, 2020 

// Daily News

José Garza Calls for Jail Changes To Reduce COVID-19 Danger

Brant Bingamon

On Monday, March 16, José Garza, candidate for Travis County District Attorney, called on city and county law enforcement officials to radically change the way they administer criminal justice in response to COVID-19, focusing attention on the danger the virus poses to the 2,000 people locked up in Central Texas. Read more

February 19, 2020 

// International Business Times

In The US, Leftist Local Prosecutors Make Inroads

Charlotte Plantive

On the national level, President Donald Trump is appointing judges by the dozens to positions on US federal courts, ensuring a conservative tilt for a generation. But on the local level, a small group of progressive state prosecutors have been elected, and they have big ideas about criminal justice reform. Parisa Dehghani-Tafti — who is […]

October 23, 2019 

// Miami New Times

Hundreds Sign Petition Demanding Police Brutality Reforms at Miami Prosecutor’s Office


Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has had a rough few weeks. She’s likely about to face the toughest election opponent of her career in 2020. Last week, a scathing USA Today investigative report revealed her office seemed to be teaching its prosecutors when to avoid telling defendants they were arrested by cops with histories […]

October 21, 2019 

// Ms. Magazine

The Ms. Q&A: Patrisse Cullors is Fighting for Institutional Investment in Black Lives


“Criminal justice is the biggest human rights issue in the U.S.,” Carroll Bogert, president of the non-profit criminal justice news platform The Marshall Project, declared from the stage Friday at the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Humanitarian Symposium. “Why do we think civil rights happened here, and human rights happen somewhere else?” That was the question […]

October 15, 2019 

// Mic

Black Lives Matter’s Patrisse Cullors on the criminalization of mental illness

As another World Mental Health Day passes, I think of all the Montes of the world — Black men like my brother who deserve care, dignity, and healing, but who instead face harm, neglect, and criminalization. Last week, I spent a grueling and sleepless 48 hours trying to locate, support, and find my brother — […]

August 15, 2019 

// NY times

Why Los Angeles Officials Voted to Cancel an Almost $2 Billion Contract

By Chesa Boudin

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles board of supervisors voted to cancel a nearly $2 billion contract for a new facility it had described as a mental health treatment facility and approved in February, in the face of opposition from activists who said the building was just a new jail in disguise.

August 6, 2019 

// Clarion Ledger

Jody Owens wins Hinds County district attorney’s race

By Chesa Boudin

Jody Owens is the next district attorney for Hinds County. Owens, former managing attorney at the Mississippi office of the Southern Poverty Law Center, defeated Jackson defense attorney Darla Palmer and veteran prosecutor Stanley Alexander in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. No independent or Republican entered the race.

July 29, 2019 

// Philly Voice

Two dozen Philly academics: Inky coverage undermines criminal justice reform

By Chesa Boudin

A week after Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long argued that the Inquirer’s Editorial Board “did not go far enough” in supporting the city’s district attorney against state officials seeking to usurp prosecutorial power in gun cases, two dozen faculty members at area universities and colleges have followed suit.

July 18, 2019 

L.A. Prosecutors Can Hold Cops More Accountable with One Simple List

California is moving toward transparency for bad cops. As we learn more about the violence, biases, misconduct, dishonesty, and abusive acts of law enforcement (in spite of recent efforts by police to erase the evidence) it’s easy to focus on the role cops play in the streets.

September 5, 2018 

Rachael Rollins Wins Election for Suffolk District Attorney

Rachael Rollins, the Real Justice endorsed candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, won her Democratic primary today and will advance to the November general election. Throughout the course of the campaign, Real Justice volunteers knocked 16,411 doors, sent 202,482 texts, and made 42,668 phone calls. “While conventional thinking said that the only option was the […]

April 21, 2018 

What Is the Real Justice PAC? | Voice of San Diego

This week, thousands of San Diego voters received text messages like this. They were from real people with their real phones. If the recipient responded, they began an exchange. It was the work of the “distributed organizing team” at the Real Justice PAC. The group has developed a software platform that helps volunteers send many […]

April 18, 2018 

Revolutionaries join San Diego DA race | San Diego Reader

Ninety thousand dollars from Real Justice is credited in part for the March 6 success of Democrat Joe Gonzales, who prevailed over Democratic District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” LaHood with a 20-point margin of victory in a San Antonio, Texas primary.

April 12, 2018 

When Being “Tough on Crime” Is a Political Liability | Mother Jones

District attorney races are rarely competitive. Roughly 85 percent of incumbents run unopposed in campaigns that draw little fanfare. The result, some criminal justice experts say, is that tough-on-crime DAs have reigned for decades, driving a nearly 30-year surge in jail and prison populations with their aggressive charging and sentencing policies. 

April 8, 2018 

Why the Stephon Clark shooting will become a campaign issue | The Sacramento Bee

“We’ve seen too many unarmed African Americans killed at the hands of law enforcement for too long in this country,” he said. “Now it’s happened in our backyard. I’m hopeful we’ll use the death of Stephon Clark as a means to make sure we are seeking out justice for the victims of gun violence.”

March 6, 2018 

The ACLU Is Canvassing Dallas For the District Attorney Race | Dallas Magazine

Elizabeth Frizell has been endorsed by activist Shaun King and his Real Justice PAC, as well as by grassroots groups like Texas Organizing Project, which interviewed both candidates. The organizing extends into raising money: King announced that his fundraising efforts had generated $100,000 for Frizell’s campaign. Read more…

February 15, 2018 

Black Activist Starts Group That Aims To Elect Progressive Prosecutors | Huffington Post

Shaun King, a prominent black rights activist and writer, announced Thursday that he is co-founding a political action committee to help elect “reform-minded prosecutors” at the county and city levels. The Real Justice PAC plans to spend upward of $1 million to support campaigns by progressives running for district attorney offices this year. Read more…

November 7, 2017 

Philadelphia’s just elected DA may alter criminal justice reform nationwide | MIC

On Tuesday, as eyes were on Virginia’s races and the future of the anti-Trump movement, voters in Philadelphia elected a new district attorney who could have a huge impact on the way America’s broken criminal justice system functions. Democratic candidate Larry Krasner won the city’s race for district attorney tonight over Republican candidate Beth Grossman after running […]

June 17, 2017 

Statement on the Philando Castile Verdict

After a jury returned a “not guilty” verdict in the trial of a Minnesota police officer for the shooting death of Philando Castile, Real Justice PAC founder Becky Bond issued the following statement: “There are millions of Americans who now identify as part of the resistance in this country. They need to know Philando Castile’s […]

May 15, 2017 

Can the Anti-Trump Resistance Take the Philadelphia DA’s Office? | The Intercept

LARRY KRASNER, Philadelphia’s insurgent candidate for district attorney, has built his campaign around three pledges: to end mass incarceration, to stand up for people’s rights and liberties, and to resist the Trump administration. In Philadelphia, as in much of 2017 America, those are ambitious plans: The city has the highest incarceration rate in the Northeast […]