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Defend our DAs

The prosecutors who are transforming our justice system are under attack — we need to defend them against the powerful forces that are working to roll back our progress.

The Opposition

Police Unions

Private police groups — like the Fraternal Order of Police, or the Police Benevolent Association — fight dirty so that corrupt and dangerous cops never have to face consequences for their actions.

Ultra-wealthy Donors

Some extremely rich people are spending jaw-dropping amounts of money to block any change to our justice system — making sure it continues to favor the wealthy and the white.

“Tough on crime” Politicians

Politicians think that being “tough on crime” is an easy way to win votes. Instead of trying to find real solutions for public safety, they fall back on the same failed approach of over-policing.

“It was really sketchy.”

In San Francisco, opponents of progressive D.A. Chesa Boudin set up a “Free COVID Test” site that tricked people into signing recall petitions by passing them off as part of the COVID test.

SOURCE: The Bay Area Reporter

How They Attack

Undemocratic Recalls

A recall is a legal way to try to “unelect” someone — it’s undemocratic, it wastes huge amounts of time and taxpayer money, and distracts our elected officials from being able to do their jobs and make real progress.


Engaging in lawsuits is an easy way to threaten and intimidate anyone who disagrees with you — especially when you have a lot more money to spend than then they do.

Misleading Media Coverage

Crime rates going up? Get in front of a TV camera and blame it on progressive policies instead of addressing the real context that leads to violence – which means housing the unhoused, feeding the poor, and protecting the vulnerable.

Prosecutors Under Attack

These are prosecutors who are facing (or have faced) coordinated and highly-funded attacks as part of a nationwide effort to roll back our progress:

Join the movement for real justice.