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For GENERATIONS, Philip src="" alt="" class="wp-image-1384"/>

For GENERATIONS, Philip Nordo was literally the most famous detective in Philadelphia. He was a cult hero on the news, in the papers. ⁣

And the whole time he was sexually assaulting and molesting informants and witnesses and victims and just everyday people all over the city. ⁣

In the jail.⁣ At the police station.⁣ Everywhere. ⁣

Forcing false confessions. Framing people. ⁣But always sexually assaulting people.⁣

A serial rapist. ⁣And ruining SO MANY LIVES. ⁣

He will die in prison. Again, this isn’t even justice.⁣ It’s accountability. ⁣

Justice would be balancing the scales, and this man caused so much harm that no matter what happens to him it could never make up for it.⁣

Well, he’ll now serve 25-50 years of hard time. ⁣He should’ve started serving it 30 years ago. ⁣But was protected by SO MANY police and prosecutors. ⁣

This is why we fought to elect Larry Krasner in Philly and District Attorney’s like him all across the country, who are willing to see beyond the myth to see the truth of these devils.

For every detective like Nordo who is finally held accountable, there are many others who have gotten away with doing heinous acts like these in places that don’t have DAs like Larry.