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Now that the final results from the election are being made clear, we can see a strong trend — one that pundits told us left and right would never happen in this year’s midterms.

All cycle long, Republicans and other opponents claimed Democrats were soft on crime and would lose. Even more so, they said that progressive prosecutors’ methods to protect the people weren’t popular and would fail at the ballot box.

But they were so wrong. 

Because last week, criminal justice reform and justice champions WON.

Our people-powered movement re-elected ALL of our DAs with elections, including Joe Gonzales in San Antonio and John Creuzot in Dallas, elected Kimberly Graham in Des Moines and Mary Moriarty in Minneapolis, and Pamela Price is now in the lead in Alameda County, although the race is still too close to call.

So yes, crime was at the top of people’s minds — and they trust our progressive DAs to fight for real public safety solutions rather than stick more people in jail.

In fact, we will end this year with more elected DAs in office than ever before. 

And our work didn’t end with the election because, with this kind of win, we know that conservatives with deep pockets are going to multiply and come after the incredible DAs we helped put in office and all of their life-saving work to come.

This is why we need to keep up our fight more than ever. Now is our time to support the DAs we elected and begin our search for more champions to elect. 

So we have to take advantage of this HUGE win, of this incredible momentum, and prepare for our next moves.