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Rachael Rollins Wins Election for Suffolk District Attorney

Rachael Rollins, the Rollins, the Real Justice endorsed candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, won her Democratic primary today and will advance to the November general election.

Throughout the course of the campaign, Real Justice volunteers knocked 16,411 doors, sent 202,482 texts, and made 42,668 phone calls.

“While conventional thinking said that the only option was the status quo, Real Justice volunteers and organizers contacted thousands of voters in Suffolk County to get out the vote over the past few months,” said Real Justice PAC Cofounder Shaun King. “Less than 1 percent of the nation’s District Attorneys are women of color, in a system that disproportionately prosecutes women of color. A win for Rollins ultimately means a win for equity, empathy, and representation in criminal justice.”

Rollins was the first person of color to be general counsel of MassDOT and is the former president of the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association. Endorsed by The Boston Globe, Rachael’s twenty years of experience in Suffolk County and obvious reform-centric record are a critical piece of the puzzle in building a national movement.

“The election of Rachael Rollins was another litmus for criminal justice reform. Her win means that everyone needs to start paying attention to these critical races,” said King. “Justice and good governance begin at the community level, and in this case, justice begins with Rachael Rollins.”