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leaked a screenshot of an internal memo about Gov. DeSantis’s suspension of Tampa prosecutor Andrew Warren, due to his refusal to prosecute women for seeking abortions.

One of the benefits of the suspension listed is “a leftist prosecutor is removed from a position of power.” Plain and simple.

We just got proof IN WRITING that removing progressive prosecutors is part of Republicans’ plans to further their control and warped sense of justice.

Without progressive prosecutors like Andrew Warren to challenge them, they could get away with enforcing TERRIBLE laws — laws that would target those who have already been disenfranchised.

This is what we have been stressing all along. With this new proof, can we count on you to step up and contribute to protect our progressive prosecutors from these attacks and grow our fight by electing even more in 2023? Any amount you can give makes a HUGE difference.

We knew what we were up against after seeing how Republican mega-donors spent over $6 million to recall Chesa Boudin in San Francisco. Now we see that some of the biggest far-right names in the game are looking at SF as a playbook for slowing down our movement and increasing their attacks against our pro-civil rights champions. 

But we aren’t ones to give up. Not after our huge victories in 2022 in Des Moines, Oakland, and Minneapolis. Not after re-electing our DAs in Texas, California, and Missouri. Not after seeing the incredible work that comes from electing justice-minded, progressive District Attorneys. That’s not progress we can turn back on.

And here’s the thing.

We expect to see even MORE of these kinds of attacks on our pro-choice DAs in the new year, and if they are successful, more prosecutors who are appointed in their place will bring back racist policies that increase mass incarceration, criminalize Black and brown communities, and also prosecute women and abortion providers for personal health care decisions. 

To win, and have the resources to go up against these politicians and the full-pocketed donors behind them, we are going to need your help.