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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended Tampa’s State Attorney Andrew Warren. Why? Because Warren has stated that he would not use the resources of his office to prosecute women seeking abortions, the doctors that provide them, and also doctors who provide gender affirming care to transgender people.

DeSantis crossed a line. This is UNPRECEDENTED.

These kinds of attacks are exactly why we are working so hard to defend our bold, pro-choice DAs — and they won’t be the last.

If we don’t fight back now and make it clear that this is a BLATANT abuse of power, we could see these same attacks in Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states where DAs use their prosecutorial discretion to protect women and transgender people. 

Can you sign on to our URGENT letter to Governor DeSantis, and in turn every state legislature in America, telling them that District Attorneys and other local prosecutors are elected by the people, and cannot be stripped of their prosecutorial power?

We can feel the gravity of this moment.

What we do now will determine what anti-choice opponents think they can get away with to strip women of their rights, and send them to jail for making choices about their own bodies.

And if we don’t speak up, and let this go by with no consequences for Ron DeSantis, we can GUARANTEE more will follow in his footsteps. 

We have heard threats, but this is a serious attack. 

Take a stand with us right now in this critical moment to make it clear that we won’t let anti-choice governors like DeSantis and state legislatures strip our DAs of the power given to them by the people who elected them.

Sign on to our letter condemning Ron DeSantis’ actions and telling him that he has NO RIGHT to strip District Attorneys and other locally elected prosecutors of their prosecutorial power.

Thank you for your support,

Real Justice