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Larry Krasner


Running for:
District Attorney
Philadelphia, PA
November 7, 2017

Real Justice PAC raised more direct donations for Larry Krasner than any other endorsing organization. We also placed three seasoned campaign staffers full time on his primary campaign team to bring best practices from the Bernie Sanders campaign to help channel the local enthusiasm for Krasner’s bold platform for change into major voter mobilization effort that broke records for turnout.

Considered “completely unelectable” by many, civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner won election as Philadelphia district attorney in a landslide, beating his opponent by 40 points and more important, garnering nearly 150,000 votes in an election in which previous district attorneys have not even reached 100,000. Krasner also won the hotly contested primary by a surprisingly wide margin demonstrating a mandate for radical change in Philadelphia’s criminal justice system.

As the district attorney in the most incarcerated per capita big city in America, Larry Krasner is now setting the standard for what a progressive prosecutor can do to address mass incarceration, hold police accountable, and win real justice for victims and others caught up in the criminal justice system.