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Wesley Bell

County Prosecutor, St. Louis County, MO

The Real Justice PAC proudly endorses criminal justice reform advocate Wesley Bell to be the next County Prosecutor of St. Louis County. Wesley Bell has focused on winning justice for poor and disenfranchised people for his entire career: turning down numerous other job opportunities to become a public defender, taking on a large number of pro bono cases as a criminal defense lawyer, and serving as a City Councilman in Ferguson.

The incumbent County Prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch, is best known for his gross mishandling of the case against police officer Darren Wilson after he shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year old, in Ferguson, MO. McCulloch, whose father, mother, brother, uncle, and cousin all worked for local police departments, has repeatedly failed to charge police officers who shoot unarmed black men, demonstrating a clear bias. In his 26 years as the County Prosecutor, McCulloch has never been held accountable for his actions. It’s time for that to change.

“In Ferguson, Wesley Bell emerged as a strong leader in the fight to transform our justice system,” said Shaun King, Co-Founder of The Real Justice PAC. “After witnessing the blatant corruption and injustice in the Darren Wilson case, Wesley was elected to the Ferguson City Council, where he worked tirelessly to implement more training for law enforcement, purchasing (and requiring use of) body cams, reforming police use-of-force policy, and an overhaul of the municipal court system. As the St. Louis County Prosecutor, we can count on Wesley to expand this kind of critical reform work county-wide.”

In addition to his work as a City Councilman, Wesley Bell has already started to create change working as a prosecutor and a judge in cities across St. Louis County. In Riverview, Wesley became the first prosecutor to advocate for the recall of thousands of non-violent municipal warrants.

As an experienced public servant and proven champion for justice, Wesley Bell will bring the change and progress St. Louis County deserves.