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Stephanie Morales

Candidate for Commonwealth's Attorney, Portsmouth, VA

Real Justice PAC is proud to endorse Stephanie Morales for re-election as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Portsmouth, Virginia.

In 2015, Stephanie Morales became the first woman to be elected Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Portsmouth, the chief law enforcement officer in the city. Since her election in 2015, Morales has championed equal justice for all in Portsmouth.

Attorney Morales has prioritized police accountability and community safety, and in 2016, successfully prosecuted a Portsmouth police officer’s killing of an unarmed 18-year-old Black man, William Chapman II, in a Walmart parking lot. She has worked to diversify the department of attorneys to better represent the community they serve, and has combated wasteful and dangerous unnecessary incarceration through the Ctrl + Alt + Del Program to help reduce recidivism (a return to prison after being released) and restoration of voting rights to Virginians with a prior felony conviction.

For over 5 years, Attorney Morales has been protecting and representing the community of Portsmouth, upholding her campaign promises and building a more just criminal legal system in Portsmouth for all.

Stephanie Morales on Twitter