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Pamela Price

Candidate for District Attorney, Alameda County, CA

The Real Justice PAC proudly endorses criminal justice reform advocate and civil rights attorney Pamela Price to be the next District Attorney of Alameda County, California. The incumbent, Nancy O’Malley, has worked as a career prosecutor in this office since 1984 – helping to directly oversee the explosion of mass incarceration in the Bay area for generations. The time for change is now and Pamela Price is the only credible candidate to bring the change that Alameda County deserves.

After being appointed as DA in 2009, the incumbent, Nancy O’Malley, like 89% of the District Attorneys across this country, ran unopposed in 2010 and again in 2014. These aren’t lifetime appointments. Pamela Price, an award-winning civil rights attorney and justice reform advocate, has taken the bold step to run for DA so that she can help change and reform the justice system from the inside out.

“I love Alameda County,” said Shaun King, Co-Founder of The Real Justice PAC. “While Oakland and Berkeley are known around the world as some of the most progressive places you’ll ever find, the reality on the ground is that on matters of criminal justice reform, the county has simply been slow to improve. The reality here often does not line with the reputation. A big part of that is because the same people leading the justice system here in the awful era of the 80s and 90s are still leading it today. Pamela Price has a bold vision for reform that will lead us forward. She would be a world class District Attorney for all of Alameda County.”

A 1978 graduate of Yale, Pamela Price earned her law degree as well as an M.A. in Jurisprudence and Social Policy from Berkeley in 1982. She became a member of the California bar in 1983 and has valiantly fought for civil rights as an attorney for the past 35 years – even becoming one of the few African American women to successfully argue a case before the United States Supreme Court.

Mass incarceration does not make Alameda County safer – quite the contrary – and Pamela Price knows this. Because tens of thousands of people are needlessly caught up in the justice system for non-violent drug offenses or an inability to afford bail for crimes they haven’t even been convicted of, both police and prosecutors end up being stretched way too thin. By diverting exponentially more cases to counseling and therapy programs, the time needed to actually solve and prosecute violent crimes, and even build out effective violence prevention programming, will be freed up.

In the age of Trump, brave reform-minded prosecutors are more important than ever. Pamela Price will be just that.

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