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Noah Phillips

Candidate for District Attorney, Sacramento County, CA

Real Justice PAC endorses a criminal justice reform advocate Noah Phillips who is challenging the incumbent District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert to be the next District Attorney of Sacramento County, California.

Anne Marie Schubert, the current District Attorney of Sacramento County, California, is one of the worst DAs in the state of California. She has consistently refused to hold police accountable for murdering or brutalizing unarmed people of color. She never charged a police officer who brutally beat an unarmed black man who was stopped for an alleged jaywalking offense. Nor did she charge officers who tried to run over an unarmed mentally ill black man with their patrol car before shooting him to death in 2017. Outrageously, she made national news when she charged a 20-year-old black woman with felony “lynching” after she was accused of allegedly interfering with an arrest of another activist during a protest for Freddie Gray in 2015.

Schubert isn’t content with blocking reform locally, but has time and again taken her conservative criminal justice agenda statewide. While there is a growing consensus that capital punishment is expensive, ineffective, and racially biased, Schubert is a leading proponent of the death penalty, not just in Sacramento but across the state. She was one of the lead proponents of the 2016 initiative to speed up the death penalty in California. She is also a champion increasing mass incarceration statewide, and proposed an initiative for the 2018 California general election that would roll back criminal justice reform provisions won in state Propositions 47 and 57.

Schubert is a Republican in a county that voted for Clinton by nearly 60% in 2016 general election. She is backed by one of Trump’s biggest allies in Sacramento, Republican Sheriff Scott Jones who is not only her political supporter but one of her biggest contributors.

Schubert’s challenger Noah Phillips knows what a disaster she has been as chief prosecutor in Sacramento County because he has served in the DA’s office for over 20 years. He supports bail reform, protecting undocumented immigrants, and expanding reentry services for returning citizens. Phillips wants to change the culture of the District Attorney’s that rewards overcharging, coercive plea bargains and racial disparities in bail requests, charging and sentencing.

“Anne Marie Schubert is one of the most horrible district attorneys in the state of California,” explained Shaun King, co-founder of Real Justice PAC.

“When she’s is supported by Trump allies like Sacramento’s Republican Sheriff Scott Jones, it’s no wonder she refuses to hold the police accountable for violence against people of color. Sacramento deserves a District Attorney who will represent the people, not the racist agenda of Trump supporters like Sheriff Jones.”

In the age of Trump, brave reform-minded prosecutors are more important than ever. A Democratic county like Sacramento deserves better than Anne Marie Schubert.

Noah Phillips on Twitter