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Milo Fitch

Candidate for Sheriff, Sacramento County, CA

Real Justice PAC endorses criminal justice reform advocate Milo Fitch for Sheriff of Sacramento County.

Fitch is a proven reformer who is challenging Sacramento’s incumbent Republican Sheriff, Scott Jones.

Fitch is running to replace an avid Donald Trump supporter who not only opposes sanctuary cities but has joined the Trump campaign to arm teachers in the wake of the Parkland shootings. Under Jones’ watch, the Sheriff’s Department is a mess. An out of control “bro culture” and rampant sexual harassment within the sheriff’s office has cost the county millions in lawsuits. Jones’ close relationships with the bail bonds industry while working for the Sheriff’s Department once triggered an FBI investigation. What’s more, in 2015, Jones was listed as an attendee at an event sponsored by a group that’s on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s official hate groups list.

Jones is also one of the top supporters of Sacramento’s rightwing Republican District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert who is being challenged by Real Justice PAC candidates Noah Phillips.

Milo Fitch understands how to run a just sheriff’s department. He served in the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department for 33 years. As a member of the Sheriff’s Department’s narcotics division, Fitch had a front seat in the war against drugs. And he knows arrests and imprisonment are no solution for our addiction crisis. Fitch advocates spending money on education, vocational programs and addiction services, not mass incarceration. And that’s just the kind of thinking we need to reform Sacramento’s criminal justice system. After his years at the Sheriff’s Department, Fitch dedicated his life to innovative programs to help citizens returning to society from prison achieve success, serving as chief of workforce development for the state agency that provides job training and opportunities to set men and women on a new path after incarceration.

Together, Milo Fitch and DA candidate Noah Phillips are poised to shake up the justice system in Sacramento in the wake of the Stephon Clark murder.

“Scott Jones is a Republican mini Trump who wants to arm teachers and terrorize our immigrant neighbors,” explained Becky Bond, co-founder of Real Justice PAC. “Sacramento County deserves better. Milo Fitch has the experience and values necessary to start reforming our broken criminal justice system.”

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