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Under Attack

Kim Gardner

Former Circuit Attorney, St. Louis, MO

Kim Gardner has faced intense scrutiny and pressure from the local police union, St. Louis press, and even the Missouri state legislature which has proposed undemocratic bills that would allow the governor to “fire” the elected circuit attorney. See more at

Real Justice is proud to endorse and support Kimberly Gardner for Circuit Attorney in St. Louis, MO!

Kim is running for re-election! As Circuit Attorney, Kim has reduced the average daily St. Louis jail population by 39 percent. And, she has cut prison incarceration in half, without increasing the crime rate in St. Louis. Kim has increased police accountability by prosecuting officers who break the law and refusing to rely on the testimony of officers accused of misconduct.

Real Justice stands with Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and her mission of reforming her city’s criminal justice system to be fair and just for all.

Kim Gardner on Twitter