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Judge Elizabeth Frizell

Candidate for District Attorney, Dallas County, TX

Real Justice PAC endorses respected judge and criminal justice reform advocate Elizabeth Frizell for District Attorney of Dallas. Frizell has demonstrated longstanding leadership against mass incarceration and cash bail, as well as a deep commitment to police accountability.

“Dallas has it all, but when it comes to how the city’s justice system works, people without resources have often found themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of mass incarceration. It doesn’t have to be this way,” said Shaun King a co-founder of Real Justice PAC. “Judge Elizabeth Frizell has spent her entire career striking a balance between public safety and compassionate reforms. She is the only candidate who we can trust to take decisive action to end cash bail, address the mass incarceration crisis, support essential diversion programs, hold police accountable and make our neighborhoods safer for everyone who calls Dallas home. A world class city must do justice well.”

Judge Frizell is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for Dallas District Attorney in a competitive primary. She is the only candidate who has committed to a broad reform agenda that will drastically reduce and remove sentences for non-violent offenders by further decriminalizing marijuana possession and recommending paths to wellness for those with drug addictions. The primary election will be held on March 6.

The Real Justice PAC, a political organization founded in the aftermath of President Trump’s inauguration, works to elect reform-minded prosecutors at the city and county level who are committed to promoting public safety, fighting structural racism and defending communities from government overreach.

Judge Elizabeth Frizell on Twitter