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José Garza

Candidate for District Attorney, Travis County, TX

Real Justice PAC is proud to endorse José Garza to be the next District Attorney (DA) of Travis County, Texas (Austin). José has focused on winning justice for communities of color, working families, and immigrant communities throughout his career. He’s a former state and federal public defender, immigrant rights activist, attorney – and is currently Co-Executive Director of Workers Defense Project in Austin.

The current DA Margaret Moore, who has the support of the police union, has doubled down on the failed war on drugs, withheld power from the community so that she can personally determine whether to prosecute police shootings, and has perpetuated cash bail. It’s time to replace her.

If elected as DA, we could count on José to transform the justice system – to stop locking up the poor, treat survivors with dignity, treat substance abuse as a public health issue, and protect immigrant communities.

José helped win paid sick leave policies in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, guaranteeing survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence are able seek the care they need without fear of losing their job. He’s also led justice reform that ends arrests for low-level offenses and severs the arrest-to-deportation pipeline.

As an experienced public servant and proven champion for justice, José would bring the change that Austin deserves – and help the county live up to its progressive values.

José Garza on Twitter