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Joe Gonzales

District Attorney, Bexar County (San Antonio), TX

Real Justice PAC endorses respected defense attorney and criminal justice reform advocate Joe Gonzales for re-election as the District Attorney of Bexar County, Texas.

In the previous primary, Gonzales defeated a deeply problematic Democratic incumbent Nico Lahood. Lahood became known as San Antonio’s mini-Trump, fighting residents on social media rather than working to win real justice for victims and others caught up in a broken criminal justice system. LaHood bullied defense attorneys, exhibited Islamaphobia and sided with Donald Trump on immigration.

In contrast, Gonzales won by pledging to reform the criminal justice system so that everyone is treated equally and with respect. Gonzales opposes Trump’s dangerous policies and will fight for justice for all Bexar county residents regardless of their heritage, religion or immigration status.

Gonzales now faces Republican Tylden Shaeffer in November’s general election.

“As District Attorney for Bexar County, Joe Gonzales will fight for real justice for all members of the community and defend residents from the worst abuses of the Trump administration,” said Real Justice co-founder Becky Bond. “It’s time to elect a district attorney who will stand up for immigrants and defend his constituents from Trump’s heartless deportation campaign.”

Gonzales is running on a criminal justice reform agenda. He believes that cash bail is a waste of county resources that criminalizes Bexar County’s poorest residents. If elected he will ensure that a person who is presumed innocent should never have to sit in jail awaiting trial simply because they are too poor to post bond. He also recognizes the problems associated with branding addicts and the mentally ill as criminals and felons. Gonzales believes that drug addiction should be treated as an illness not a crime.  

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