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Eric Rinehart

Candidate for State's Attorney, Lake County, IL

Real Justice PAC is excited to endorse Eric Rinehart to be the next State’s Attorney of Lake County, Illinois.

Eric has fought for equal justice since 2003. He served as a public defender and is a defense attorney. Both of his parents are educators, and he has lived, learned, and worked in Illinois for his entire life. He understands the challenges that Lake County communities face.

The current State’s Attorney, Republican Michael Nerheim, is running for re-election. It’s incredibly difficult to beat an incumbent, but with a major grassroots effort, Eric can win.

We can count on Eric to transform the justice system from the inside out. He will focus on rehabilitation over incarceration, tackle corruption, bring real transparency, and give control of the State’s Attorney office to people. Eric is the reformer that Lake County needs.

Eric Rinehart on Twitter