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Under Attack

Chesa Boudin

Former District Attorney, San Francisco County, CA

Unfortunately, the Republican-backed recall effort against Chesa succeeded and Chesa will be replaced with an appointee by the Mayor of San Francisco.

Real Justice PAC is proud to endorse Chesa Boudin to be the next District Attorney of San Francisco.

For years, Chesa has been a leader in the fight to transform the justice system in San Francisco. Chesa grew up his whole life visiting his parents in prison, so he knows firsthand just how broken our criminal justice system is. As a public defender, Chesa fought to ensure that his clients were treated fairly under the law, and advocated for immigrants facing deportation.

Chesa understands that no one is above the law. That’s why he has promised to hold law enforcement accountable for misconduct and aggressively prosecute public corruption. He knows that people struggling with homelessness and addiction need help, not jail. Ultimately, Chesa envisions a system that is fair to everyone, no matter their color, class, or circumstance. That’s why he wants to increase the services available to crime survivors, and fight against a bail system that punishes people simply for being poor.

“By fighting tirelessly for a more just criminal justice system, Chesa has earned the trust of his clients, his community, and his colleagues,” said Shaun King, Co-Founder of Real Justice PAC. “Chesa is the right candidate at the right moment to transform the justice system in San Francisco, and make the city safer and more just for everyone who lives and works there.” As an experienced public servant and proven advocate for justice, Chesa Boudin will bring the change that San Francisco deserves.

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