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Audia Jones

Candidate for District Attorney, Harris County, TX

Real Justice PAC proudly endorses reform advocate Audia Jones to be the next District Attorney of Harris County, TX (that’s Houston). As both a woman of color and former prosecutor, she has a rare perspective on the inner workings of the institution and broken promises made to the community.

The incumbent Kim Ogg initially ran as a progressive reformer in her campaign to win the Harris County District Attorney seat. But since then, she’s intentionally pushed unaffordable bail amounts for minor offenses like marijuana possession in order to keep people in jail. And she recently attempted to attain $20 million for 102 new prosecutors to massively increase the number of people behind bars in what’s already the third largest in the country.

It’s time to replace Ogg and defeat her incarceration agenda once and for all.

Audia Jones understands that the county should be investing in communities, education, healthcare, and housing instead of putting more people in jail. She would be the D.A. that Harris County deserves — for the many, not the few.

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