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Albert John Roberts

Candidate for District Attorney, Tarrant County

The Real Justice PAC proudly endorses Albert John Roberts for District Attorney of Tarrant County, Texas. Roberts is a Fort Worth native, father, husband and attorney in the State of Texas. He was awarded “Prosecutor of the Year” in Dallas County before going on to serve as a prosecutor for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office. In 2017, Roberts went into private practice as a defense attorney, gaining valuable experience on the other side of the courtroom in Tarrant County.

Albert Roberts has seen first hand how the incumbent District Attorney is nationally known for corruption and racial bias, too. In 2016, DA Wilson went so far as to send an email to employees asking for campaign donations. In 2017 and 2018, two separate women of color were handed down multiple year prison sentences for voting while respectively on probation and as a permanent resident. In contrast, a white judge in the same county plead guilty to turning in forged signatures to get on the ballot and was ultimately fined $1,000 and given 5 years probation. This is the kind of pay-to-play politics and inconsistent sentencing that has destroyed the integrity of our justice system for far too long.

“In Texas, we see a lot of blatant bias and corruption in DA offices.” said Shaun King, Co-Founder of The Real Justice PAC. “Albert John Roberts has demonstrated repeatedly that he has the character to resist that culture of corruption, and the courage to build an office with real integrity and a real commitment to justice. If Albert is elected as Tarrant County’s next District Attorney, he will not only transform their office, but will also lead as a strong example for the entire state of Texas and the nation.”

As an experienced public servant and bold advocate for justice, Albert John Roberts will bring the change and progress Tarrant County, Texas deserves.

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