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This is what we can see nationwide if we elect more District Attorneys.

In San Antonio, a police officer shot a defenseless, unarmed 17-year-old boy eating at a McDonald’s parking lot. Point blank.

And instead of the officer getting away with it, DA Joe Gonzales is making sure he is prosecuted and charged. And he dropped all charges against the 17-year-old.

He is holding police accountable — and we could make that a standard EVERYWHERE.

Situations like this make it clear why we need ALL HANDS ON DECK to support Joe in his re-election against a Republican opponent who has made it clear that he won’t hold police accountable.

We also have 8 other critical elections coming up — and with your help, we could elect more dedicated, community-focused leaders — not DAs who will bend to police unions and department pressure.

We need your help to go all out to re-elect Joe and also get out the vote and provide strategic support to ALL of our candidates to elect more DAs like Joe this November. Can you split a donation RIGHT NOW between Joe and Real Justice?

Here’s what Joe had to say:

“While Sunday’s shooting of an unarmed teenager by a then-San Antonio Police officer remains under investigation, the facts and evidence we have received so far led us to reject the charges against Erik Cantu for further investigation.”

This is what we need to see across this country: DAs who finally see clearly the facts behind police shootings and take the necessary measures — no clouded perspectives, no letting cops off easy. Only holding police accountable when they use their position of power to take advantage of our communities and hurt others.

This can be a reality where you live. When we elect these DAs in November, it won’t just be the cities they represent that are affected. Their influence will inspire more DAs to take a stand and finally remain on the side of the people.

Together we can elect more Joes. Make a split donation right now to power our final Get Out The Vote efforts for Joe and also help us hit the ground running to get 8 more DA candidates elected in a few short weeks.