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District Attorneys are the First line of defense for people seeking abortions.

Over 90 DAs have pledged to protect people seeking abortions by choosing not to prosecute — even if abortion is made illegal.

While the fight in Congress will move slowly ahead, it’s District Attorneys who can protect people NOW. One-third of Real Justice-endorsed DAs are in states that have or will likely ban abortions. Help us elect and protect DAs who will fight against this attack on our rights — add your name.

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“…would I bring charges against women and their doctors if Roe was overturned and Virginia criminalized abortion? My answer today remains the same as it was in 2019: No.

Parisa Dehghani-Tafti – Commonwealth’s Attorney, Arlington Co. and City of Falls Church, VA

No matter what the law in Virginia says, I will not prosecute a woman for having an abortion, or for being suspected of inducing one.

Steve Descano — Commonwealth’s Attorney, Fairfax, VA

“Reproductive rights are human rights… We will ensure a woman’s right to choose is not criminalized.”

Kim Foxx — State’s Attorney, Cook County, IL

“…We know our community is safer when women and families can make personal healthcare and reproductive decisions without interference from the state. I promise to continue fighting for the rights of women and to use my discretion to keep families safe.”

Jose Garza — District Attorney, Travis County, TX

“In Los Angeles, we will never prosecute a woman for making the most personal of health care decisions.

George Gascón — District Attorney, Los Angeles County, CA

It is infuriating that this fundamental constitutional principle—and the humanity of women—is being put into play for political purposes.

Wesley Bell — County Prosecutor, St. Louis County, MO

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All photographs courtesy of Gayatri Malhotra.