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We have never seen this before in our lives, Matthew! 😡😡

 Twitter Email Judge dismisses all charges against Philly police officer Mark Dial after Eddie Irizarry killing The PPD had to backtrack from initial statements that said Dial shot Irizarry after he “lunged at” police with a knife.

Philadelphia Judge Wendy Pew just straight up dismissed ALL of the charges against Mark Dial — the Philadelphia PD officer who murdered Eddie Irizarry and then was caught LYING about it.

No jury. No trial. Nothing.

Dial’s lawyers said that it was self-defense and Judge Pew agreed with him and dismissed every charge.

Philly District Attorney Larry Krasner had just filed these charges a week ago. It’s why we worked so hard to elect and re-elect him. This should have been an open and shut case.

We can’t let Judge Pew get away with clearly siding with the Philly PD. They are hoping that they can sweep this under the rug. Please read the article and share far and wide so that your friends, family and loved ones are aware of this clear injustice.

Here’s a recap of what happened:

Philadelphia police claimed that Irizarry lunged at Dial with a knife. Video clearly shows that they LIED.

Dial arrived on the scene and almost immediately shot Irizarry to death while he sat in the driver’s seat of his car. ⁠

That is murder. And that’s what Larry rightfully charged him with.

And now Judge Pew just decided herself that this was justified without even letting the case go to trial.

It’s truly insane that anyone could trust the Philly police.

This is a police department that coerced witnesses with violence and falsified evidence for decades to send innocent Black men to jail. Larry has worked to right these wrongs by reducing incarceration and freeing over two dozen wrongfully convicted people since taking office.

During the 2020 protests in Philly, police pulled a young mother and her baby out of their car, assaulted her, TOOK THE BABY, then presented it publicly like they were heroes.⁣ She was literally just driving her car home. Larry filed charges against the officers involved.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. And despite the clear history of lies and misconduct, and the basic fact that judges are supposed to be IMPARTIAL, Judge Pew immediately took the side of the police and supported the idea that Dial “feared for his life.”

Larry and Eddie’s family are already working on appealing this decision, and we will keep you updated on the fight for justice. For now: